Groundskeeper-Park Maintenance Tech - The City of Kalama is accepting applications for a part time (79 hours/month) position to maintain the City's downtown landscaping and City owned parks.   Click on EMPLOYMENT BELOW

Staff Directory


City of Kalama                     IF IT IS AFTERS HOURS AND YOUR WATER IS OFF OR YOU HAVE A LEAK - CALL 911
PO Box 1007                                                SO THE PROPER PERSONNEL CAN BE CONTACTED.
195 N. First Street
Kalama WA 98625
(360) 673-4562; Fax (360) 673-4560

Drabek, BryceCrewman
Wong, Kendrick K.J.Police OfficerPolice(360) 673-2165
Ross, StevePolice OfficerPolice(360) 673-2165
Collins, KrystallPolice ClerkPolice(360) 673-2165
Parker, StevePolice SergeantPolice(360) 673-2165
Skeie, JeffPolice OfficerPolice(360) 673-2165
Taylor, JustinPolice OfficerPolice(360) 673-2165
Smee, Adam City AdministratorAdministration , Finance, Public Works(360) 673-3265
Rasmussen, Kelly Superintendent of Public WorksAdministration , Public Works(360) 673-3706
Moon, ChadField SupervisorPublic Works(360) 673-3706
VanSkike, TravisCrewmanPublic Works(360) 673-3706
Griggs, Gary CrewmanPublic Works(360) 673-3706
Woolford, DanielCrewmanPublic Works(360) 673-3706
Mirenta, KileyUtility ClerkFinance(360) 673-4554
Poulsen, PeteMayorAdministration (360) 673-4561
McMaster, ConiClerk/TreasurerAdministration , Finance(360) 673-4561
Smith, JeanBuilding CaretakerCommunity Building(360) 673-4565
Thomas, LouiseLibrarianLibrary(360) 673-4568
Ciancibelli, MollyAssistant LibrarianLibrary(360) 673-4568
Waddle, AlonzoCrewmanPublic Works(360) 673-4570