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Ballot Measure - Committees For & Against

Post Date:07/14/2017 8:36 AM

Information from the 2017 Elections Manual  - See page 16 for more info

 For and against committee responsibilities

For and against committees submit statements in favor of or in opposition to a ballot measure for the

general election local voters’ pamphlet.

For and against statements are submitted directly to Cowlitz County Elections no later than 5:00

p.m. on the day of the deadline (August 8, 2017). After the deadline to submit for and against statements, Cowlitz

County Elections will email the opposing committee’s statement to the spokesperson identified on

the appointment form. Each committee will then have the opportunity to write a rebuttal statement;

however, a rebuttal statement is not required. (Deadline August 14,2017)

Committee member names and at least one contact, one phone number, and one email address,

shall be published in the local voters’ pamphlet. This contact should be able to respond to questions

from voters regarding the jurisdiction’s ballot measure. Titles for committee member names will

not be published. A website address will be published if provided but is not required. Names and

contact information will not be included in the word limitation.

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